Sunday, January 29, 2012

Why does my girlfriend fucking other men get me hard?

Ever ask yourself just what's wrong with you?
Why the things that get other men mad make you crazy hard?
Why can't you get the image of your hot girlfriend fucking other men out of your head?
Is it just because of your girl?
Is it the killer curves?
The big titties that would feel so good wrapped around your cock?
The thick round tight firm ass that no other girl seems to have these days?
Why can't other girls understand that big, busty, thick and blond is how a woman is supposed to look, not like the other girls who look like half starved eleven year old boys?
Don't you know that your cock is never going to be enough for me?
Even when I do fuck you, my mind's on something else.
Some one else.
We both know it.
It's such a turn on wondering just exactly who I am thinking of fucking this time, isn't it?
Is it your brother, the one who is always staring at your girlfriend's thick round ass and telling you how lucky you are to be fucking a goddess?
Is it your best friend, who you know is obsessed with my long blond hair and full tits, and is always begging to know just how your girl is in bed?
Is it your boss, who falls all over himself whenever your girl stops by to visit?
Just who is leaving that cream pie in your cheating girlfriend's pussy?
And why does knowing your cheating girlfriend is fucking someone else make you nut even harder?
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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Clean Up Boy Phone Sex

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How things in your lower body tighten as I smile at you, and beckon you over.
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Monday, September 29, 2008

Clean up boys wanted!

Hi Babies!
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